Sunday Wonders

To do today: To sit and salute the complexity that makes up my life


My husband made a point of telling me that I should be more gracious.

He did in a kind way, with a soft voice, and just a little judgement.

I toyed around with what the word meant, in my mind, and then officially looked it up. It’s one of those words that can be interpreted differently, and widely so, by all kinds of people.

And even though, after reading the definition, I found myself aghast at the extent that this new task would pull from me, I am now wondering if he is right (that’s another post!).

Seriously, though. I had told him that life was making me bitter, that I was bumping into all the wrongs in the world, that they seemed so overwhelming, that I couldn’t change any of them, and that I was finding myself just…wanting to wash my hands of all of it.

And that’s not a good place to be at.

My husband shared this word, his wisdom, with me, right before our church service. And I have to think that God passed those words through his lips. Because I know that right now, I’m at a precipese, a scary ledge, where I can drop off into the pits of humanity and see only all of its darkness, or I can choose to fly and see all of the light and wonder. It might be a bit naive, a bit blind, a bit silly, but by being gracious, I allow all of those wonders to still exist, to find a small way for them to keep flourishing.

Because without grace, or the act of being gracious, I will allow only more darkness in the world to exist. And even in my own bitter mind, I’m just not cool with that.


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Creative Spotlight: Artist Maria Bogade

Image Copyright Maria Bogade

When I began my journey towards placing creativity at the center of my world (and eventually all over my life), I desperately needed inspiration from other creatives who had gone down that road. Even though I was not looking to follow some one else’s roadmap step by step (because creativity is not about copying!), I did need to know that other people had survived this road, that the hard parts of this journey were worth the lessons, and that there were wonderful vistas overlooking this beautiful road.

That is one of the motivations for my reaching out to other creatives that I could spotlight. The road to creativity needs buckets of inspiration – to work as motivation and seeds of the possible future. The road to creativity also isn’t just one road – each creative will design their road so it is necessary to see just the different paths people have taken that eventually converged into the road to creativity.For this creativity spotlight, I’d like to introduce artist Maria Bogade. Maria’s journey has always been filled with creativity, with each endeavour building up to the next.

In her words:

A little about me: My name is Maria and I am a mother to two wonderful children, a spouse to a very creative man, a chocolate addict, book lover, pencil and color enthusiast. I am an illustrator specializing in the children’s book market and my first two books (“Getting Dressed” published by HarperCollins Big Cat and “Wee Granny’s Magic Bag” published by Picture Kelpies Floris Books) will be published in September this year.

Image copyright Maria Bogade

With such broad experience and surely interesting inspirational stories, I asked Maria 5 questions:

What was the first step on your road to attaining creativity? What was the tipping point occurrence in which you decided to pursue creativity?

Maria: I cannot claim that creativity has never played an important part in my life. To be honest I have always done creative work and even as a child, like most of us pursuing this road, creativity has played a major role.

I studied Audiovisual Media at the University of Stuttgart and started working, after getting my Diploma, as a freelance 3d Animation Artist. I worked on a lot of fantastic projects and it was creative work I was doing, still I felt I had something else within me I wanted to share. When my second daughter was born and I took some time off, I started a blog, which tipped of my career as a children’s book illustrator. This is only a little more than a year ago and I am only at the very beginning of things. But I already had the pleasure to work with some wonderful publishing houses and people. To be true with you, when starting the blog I wouldn’t have thought it could take me there. In the beginning I didn’t even know myself that this was my ultimate “goal”. Of course I knew for a long time that I wanted to do something with books. It just developed this way when creating one image after the other and my spouse pointing out to me, that obviously I had some kind of passion for illustration that kept me going even late at nights.

What keeps you going/focused?

Maria: I think it is the mere joy of creating an image and my very lively imagination that keeps me going. I have so many ideas floating in my mind and stories I want to tell that it is rather a question when to get them all on paper, than not coming up with an idea.

I think I have the most wonderful job in the world one can ask for. Bringing stories to children through my illustrations and with this enabling them to dream up own stories or just nourishing their childlike imagination is so valuable.

Image copyright Maria Bogade

Why are you on this road to attaining creativity, to fulfilling your creativity passion?

Maria: Not being able to create would probably make me a horrible grumpy person. I think it is apart from my family the most important thing about me and my life which I cannot miss out on.

What have you learned about yourself during this journey? Has it enforced your passion?

Maria: I think my journey only has begun, so this is rather hard to tell. The things that I have accomplished in the last few months do have enforced my passion though. So we have to see where it will take me in the end.

Image copyright Maria Bogade

How do you feel about all the bumps, mistakes, and sidetrips that have occurred during your journey?

Maria: All my sidetracks, mistakes and bumps have made me the person and artist I am today. My 3d Animation career could be seen as such a sidetrip. But it has taught me so many things about storytelling, lighting, posing of characters and much more which is now valuable knowledge to my illustration career.

Mistakes are something you surely do not want to leave out when growing as an artist or person over all. It is those big mistakes that teach us the most. In fact life itself in all its forms is a little try and error game and if you have never failed you have never tried hard enough, that’s actually a quote but unfortunately I don’t remember who it is by. But it surely is the most honest thing to say.

Image copyright Maria Bogade

To find out more about Maria, and her artistic endeavours:

Thank you, Maria, for sharing this wonderful inspiration!!


PS: What lays hidden within your spirit that is just waiting for you to fill with passion? What has sparked new interests every day, new lessons, new beginnings, and an eternal sense of adventure? Listen to those thoughts and feelings and see where they lead!