A life mission statement?

It may seem completely presumptuous to ask God to lead me somewhere, anywhere, and then completely jump the gun and put together a life mission statement.

But I have to present my case – and include essential parts of the back story. Because it would be true to state that God has pressed a life statement, a core sentence that has run through my life (and I can even say ran through my life from its very beginning). He’s given me a passion and some skills to be able to implement that statement into my life. I’ve been the one who has hacked it up to pieces at times and at other times have performed it so elegantly (without even knowing it), that life could have stopped right there and then and I would have been happy.

As I begin to peel the layers back of this old onioned body (a process that I seem to do at least once in every decade that I’ve been alive), I see sneak peeks of my core. And surprise, surprise, there isn’t anything new in there that I didn’t know. But what is refreshingly new is refinding it, and seeing that even after years of being hidden and perhaps unused, it still rings so ever true that I would happily wake up out of a dream in the middle of the night and shout it out.

Sometime last week, as I attempted to fix my life and just get on with it, I saw a job opening that just touched every piece of my core. I went to sleep that night and remained awake, visualizing myself through the interview process, practicing what I would say, and I saw myself get this job and what my life would look like once I did. It was a very clear and true-feeling experience. And as I reminisced on it the following morning, I remembered one of the sentences of what I would say in the interview. It was that core life mission statement – wherever I would be, however I would be doing it, I would be helping people become the best they could be. I would be presenting opportunities that allowed people to find their own core mission statements, which have always been within them and if they are lucky enough, outside of them in the reality of words and actions.

In some form or another, I have done that my whole life. And I have to wonder now, how would my attitude change, how would my actions changed, if I saw myself as a gift that allowed people to flourish? I don’t mean that in the sense that I’m the most awesomeness, wonderful, greatest thing on earth and people should be lucky to have me in their lives. I do mean it in the sense of: if I were a gift, and if receiving me would make people be truly themselves, would I act more gracious, would I be more patient, would I be more inquisitive about others, would I be more comforting, more loving? If I look at life through that lens, what actions that I currently, automatically do, begin to change, begin to shift?

My whole being would change, from how I treat myself, to how I treat doing for others, to how I behave with others. Okay – wow (sorry, I have to say this!). This was nowhere near where I thought this entry would go. And the questions that I’ve posed will challenge me all day, as well as challenge how I behave all day.

So while I ponder on this idea, on this version of my life mission statement, I ask you:

  • What is your life mission statement? What deep down, in your inner core, is the consistent passion and mission that has kept you going?
  • If you saw yourself as a gift, would that change how you go about your day?

Talk amongst yourselves (as an old TV segment would say), and share.


Just let it flow

Working and reworking. Sometimes words or thoughts just don’t flow. Sometimes its just a sign to wait, to let thoughts flow in their own time and season. Sometimes its a way of letting peace flow in in an overloaded schedule.

When things are going well, when little incidents in life are wonderful lessons of grace and blessings, there may be the expectation that thoughts will flow even more fluid. And perhaps there are times when that takes place – when the brain is just sparking with creativity, ingenuity, etc. But there are those other times when thoughts are low in numbers – and by that I mean that my brain isn’t working overtime trying to interpret why these good little incidents are taking place. My brain is just accepting that these events are taken place and is reminding me of the possibility of good – and leaving it at that.

Which begs the thought that sometimes we can over think things. And we can miss the beauty of having wonderfully simple and comical conversations with youth that just smile all the time and are in love with life. Or walking alongside a busy road – and knowing that you have the strength to do it, even if cars are just speeding by like rockets. Or setting a goal for how much to spend on fixing an inconvenient engine trouble (that you’ve left linger for way too long) and hearing the mechanic say the cost would be less than that.

Today was a simple day – sunny, calm – filled with meaningful conversations, with people offering support when not even asked, with people who remember me from previous years and still treasure the time that I spent with them. So I won’t let the failed attempts to work out a beautifully inspirational, eye-opening blog entry, get to me. Today, the working and reworking of words was simply life’s way of putting on the brake – of letting my mind stop and really, really focus on the blessing of simplicity.