Art Recipe #1

Purposely leaving these recipes “title-less,” for I have found that words, themes, etc., may skew art pieces, or even conversations, in un-intended directions. The instructions are simple:

Peruse the ingredient list and write your own recipe.
No end result will be described in the recipe itself –
that is for you to create, in your own wonder and in your own methods, space, and time.

If you would like to incorporate these art recipes into an art journal, consider the questions below as prompts (mere suggestions, nothing more):

  1. What brings you here? What situation, question, mystery, happiness, etc., is propelling itself towards exploration, solution, joy?
  2. What occurs during the experience itself? What is happening in the moment, as the recipe unfolds itself? What occurs to the art – and to you – during this process?
  3. What takes place after the finished art piece is constructed and presented? Does the past (what brought you here) look different? Did the experience itself provide tools for future inspection or usage?

Here goes….

Ingredients for Recipe 1:

While I am using pastels, these are merely suggestions – so if your medium is pens, oils, anything else, use what compels (and drives you, motivates you, challenges you perhaps).

The ingredients are color choices, as well as a photo image. The color sequences themselves may lead where the recipe goes, or perhaps the photo sparks an idea – again, whichever method you use, make it your own. Share your end-results as photos or links below (and let your recipes inspire others to mix and blend).