The mask covered her nose and mouth. Slowly, her eyelids blinked less and less until finally, my mother slept. About forty-five minutes later, I was born.

Okay, so I just had to help a student write up their autobiography, and in trying to explain how the lead-in (or hook) sentence worked, I came up with several examples. One of them was the first sentence you read above.

I am a self-taught artist, by way of crayons, chalk, acrylics, and watercolors. I also love texture and work with fabrics, leaves, wire, and anything I find around the house (or yard, or on the street). My art work for the last two years has been done with pastel pencils, on textured paper. I have planned art series that include abstract acrylic backgrounds and pastel foregrounds. I am a small artist, and by that I mean that my work has primarily been on small 12×12″ pieces of paper. As of yet, I am still unsure as to how to fill a 16×24″ piece of canvas, but I’m experimenting with that too.

The themes of my work focus on children and self-discovery. Perhaps the two are tied together because as children, we are always looking to learn, a skill that we sometimes forget or drop from our repertoire once we trespass into adulthood. As my art work continues, I see my skills adapting and changing, and the timid lines that I made when I began drawing full-time are giving way to broader strokes, where I care less about the perfection of the piece and more about the sentiment.



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